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dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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current albums "Fearful Wiggings" and "play mistLY for me" . On Cockaigne. The latter is a digital only release. I don’t know what I am and don’t want to know any more than I already know. I aspire, in my music , to 40s B Movie (voice and presence) and wish I could play guitar like Charlie Christian or Grant Green -but not in this lifetime, I know. I also wish someone could put the music scene back together, but it was always flying apart. I like adult stuff. Always have.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rambling - Man.

It's cold outside. I've been inside the house with my cat for days. Bought a new axe and went to clear up some wood down the bottom paddock. (Very Ted and Ralph that) . It's a fibreglass axe in case you were wondering. Please don't advise me that I've done something terrible - its not a purchase I want to make perfectly.

Cutting the wet logs saw me heave the axe into a piece and then struggle to pull it out again for a good five minutes. Please don't send me youtube links on how to use an axe... I had a splitter but the handle broke. I did find that you can't really find axe handles in the proper shape too easily. Why have I lived long enough to have to know names for different shapes of axe handles? Cruel life.

Clare Moore has been in Adelaide doing a show called Southern Belles which she cooked up . Getting a  band togetehr to play songs from Southern Feamle country singer os the late sixties. People like Jeannie C Riley

and the amazing Bobbie Gentry.

People singing sociallly conscious or message type songs. A time of great change for women. 

She got the band together and then asked singers Jane Clifton, Nichaud Fitzgibbon and Carla Lippis to sing the songs. The two nights at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival were sold out before they left Melbourne.

Been reading about Brexit and dealing with our own election. Recording some tracks and hoping to get to Europe again this year.

Also rehearsing with the Coral Snakes for these upcoming shows. And the NDE album number three is coming together (sounding great) . Also doing mistLY shows and some solo and duo sets.

Our June single.

Are You Out Of Your Mind? (Get Back In)

Upcoming shows
June 29th Dave Graney and Lisa Gerrard "songwriter speaks" session at Melbourne Recital Hall - 6pm

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes July 9th at the Corner Hotel - Melbourne

Harry Howard and the NDE July 23rd Croxton Park Hotel

Dave Graney and the mistLY play the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield,Vic
Saturday August 20th

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes - Brisbane Festival (Spiegel tent) September 3rd

Dave Graney And Clare Moore – Bowral Bowling Club September 16th

Dave Graney and the mistLY – Petersham Bowls – September 17th

Dave Graney And Clare Moore – Smith’s Alternative- Canberra September 18th

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes Semaphore Festival (Adelaide) October 2nd

I am at page 600 of a 1200 page John Cowper Powys book called A Glastonbury Romance. His books are a world I can drop down into. Amazing writer. I wouldn't know how to describe it. Fiction yes, but always the same themes and thoughts being worried at all through his books. It's a realm. Interior yet exterior as well. Clare refers to him as "that pervert".

I referred to having aquired a type writer and I have been enjoying writing a  few letters to old friends. Giving them a bit of a  shock I guess. Hopefully not loading them with a  burden in having to reply.
One of the letter exchanges has been with a fellow I was happy to make the aquaintance of a few years ago when he was busking on the street in Melbourne. A wild looking street person with a  wailing electric guitar on Princes Bridge in the city. He was aiming to busk his way to and around Tasmania. I ran into him a few more times, he was on social media and seemed to live in his van with his dog. Devoted to his dog. Well, he's now in gaol on a murder charge. Maximum security.
No guitar, no books, no magazines or cds. The actual fuck happens.
So we've exchanged a couple of letters. Thats a plan.
I knew another bloke from when we were kids. He killed his parents. A long time ago. Then after a gig in 2013 he came up and hugged me. He used to dink me to football training. What do you do? I asked him what happened. he said "madness Dave...". It's not like the movies or in a  song. Scenes don't close or fade. You're still standing there and you've got to deal with things.

When I hear singers sing songs about gaol and how bad they are I can't really cop it. That cuts out 90% of modern woodcore alt country rectionary punk never happened type end of the music spectrum  so it suits me fine.

I went to a night of indigenous country music. When they sang of gaol and people hanging THEMSELVES  and booze and hard times it was real. No learning folk tunes from the internet or old records. Got an education that night.

Seem to have dodged the storm here. Though it's started hailing outside. Sylvie the cat is in her safe place, inside the bass drum behind me.

Let's Kick This Mob Out #2 - I wrote a song called that and here it is

I know I was bagging Greg (c)Hunt before , as the LNP figure that shits me the most but that top of the plops place can change daily- or hourly. Some like the eminently detestable Officer Dutton lose your focus because they seem to be hidden away during this election campaign. He is a divisive figure - among a party of divided and divisive figures. He is division! Not Da Vision! Division!

Please excuse me if I use exclamation marks too much. I have been using a type writer and have found that prior to the 70s, exclamation marks were not provided for people. How did they ever communicate?

(Upon looking it up on the internet I found a youtube clip showing me how to manufacture one using a  "period" and an "apostrophe. It's very CLERK-PUNK. Yes, 1600 people have viewed this clip).

But there is another divising figure among the dividers. One whose name has been mentioned in despatches along with the risible Officer Dutton as a possible deputy Prime Divider or even a Prime Divider itself.... This figure is the grim and steely grey treasurer Scott Morrison. Sometimes ironically called ScoMo. Why? An utterly humourless character and a quite convincing manifestation of a fantasy political league player from the fevered, gouty mind of a  NSW shock Jock. Indeed I once sat and listened, while on a  long drive through NSW, to Scott Morrison talking with the angry and shocking radio mouth Ray Hadley. They were having some sort of public spat after the LNP got rid of the ridiculous Tony Abbott. A linguist should study the transcript one day. It was like listening in to two corrupt NSW cops talking in their car through a hidden mic. If the word, "mate" had been disallowed - like an exclamation point for instance- the conversation would have lasted one minute. It's hard to look at, mate, how bad things got, mate. Scott was asked mate, to swear on a bible which was supposed to have been planted in the studio where he sat. I mean. Mate!

Scott Morrison represents the seat which is centres around the area of Sydney known as THE SHIRE. CRONULLA. John Howards heartland. This is the holy place for LNP politicians where "real australians" live. Everyone is belongs to a cast of useless characters known as "rent-a-crowd".

Coming from this place of unassailable authenticity he revelled in the job of "stopping the boats" which was the problem the LNP invented to get into government so they could "solve" it.

In 2014 Morrison gave an interview where he talked about removing any chance of any asylum seeker EVER being settled in Australia. He said that he was "taking the sugar off the table". I hope he goes down in history for that shitty statement.


"We've had great success in stopping people coming to Australia by boat and for most of that time over the past year, that has seen a significant reduction of people moving into Indonesia," he said.
"In recent months, we've seen a change to that and that's because people think they can transit and sit in Indonesia and use that as a place to gain access to Australia.
"This is designed to stop people flowing into Indonesia and to support Indonesia and for them not to become a destination country.
"It's taking the sugar off the table."

So I wanted to write a song stewing around all this and I did it last week. It's called "Let's kick this Mob Out".

The sugar was on the table
Scott promiused he would die - strong and bitter
Tony was tied to the mask
winking for his siren
Malcolm was in the long boat
talkin' to his cut throats
sayin' he knew the way
he had navigation up the wazoo
lets kick this mob out

the sugar was on the table

"hey wait! no boat must land! Not on our watch!" They said
"we must decide who goes there and the manner in which they rot!"

lets kick this mob out
the sugar was on the table
lets kick this mob out
the sugar was on the table

***** Tony and his siren - well you know who they are

*****Malcolm in his long boat - a reference to Malcolm BLIGH Turnbull's distant relative who, after the mutiny on the Bounty, took the remaining members of his crew on a long voyage to Indonesia in a  long boat...


Tickets link to this show

           Upcoming shows
June 29th Dave Graney and Lisa Gerrard "songwriter speaks" session at Melbourne Recital Hall - 6pm
Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes July 9th at the Corner Hotel - Melbourne

Harry Howard and the NDE July 23rd Croxton Park Hotel
Dave Graney and the mistLY play the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield,Vic

Saturday August 20th

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes - Brisbane Festival (Spiegel tent) September 3rd

Dave Graney And Clare Moore – Bowral Bowling Club September 16th

Dave Graney and the mistLY – Petersham Bowls – September 17th

Dave Graney And Clare Moore – Smith’s Alternative- Canberra September 18th

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes Semaphore Festival (Adelaide) October 2nd

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

election email from local LNP member - I'm scared!

I guess everybody must be getting this sort of stuff.

It's strange to get a direct email, talking to you in the same language that is in general use in the political discourse. By that I mean that as a citizen I must be pretty stupid, absolutely scared of foreigners/ terrorists/ bikers - to the extent that I can't think of anything else. Ever at all. Because IT WOULD FRIGHTEN ME.EVEN MORE.

Dear .............,

As a former police officer of 17 years, not only as a local uniformed officer, but also as a Detective in the Organised Crime Squad and Senior Sergeant in the Counter Terrorism Co-Ordination Unit, I know that community safety is vital.

In my electorate of La Trobe I understand that crime prevention is a great concern and that is why I have been actively engaging with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull MP and Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan MP, to boost safety and prevent crime at local, state, and national levels.

I have always been a loud advocate for stronger counter terrorism legislation and have supported implementing stronger laws to keep Australia safe. I have worked closely with Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, and have strongly supported laws to deport dual citizens involved in serious crimes.

In 2010 I developed the National Violent Gangs Squad Policy to aid the National Anti-Gang Squad in identifying emerging gangs. This has since become the national body for taking on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (Bikies) – the main group behind the Ice epidemic which is affecting so many families nation-wide. In recent times I have called for the National Anti-Gang Squad to assist me in tackling the APEX Gang too, which poses a particular threat to our local community.

The Coalition Government has been working hard to tackle organised crime and the increase of outlaw gangs which are costing Australians $36B a year. Our Government has invested heavily in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies to boost their efforts in detecting and disrupting the business of organised criminals. Since coming to government the coalition has invested;
$18M in the Australian Gangs Intelligence Coordination Centre to boost the Australian Crime Commission’s ability to share intelligence information between law enforcement agencies – assisting in getting Ice and guns off our streets.
$77M to establish the National Anti-Gang Squad which operates across all states of Australia to specifically target outlaw gangs.
$88M to increase screening and examination of mail, air and sea cargo – assisting our agencies to detect illegal weapons and drugs at our borders.
And developed a national unexplained wealth scheme to target illegitimate wealth and to give our law enforcement agencies greater power to seize criminal assets.
Unlike our opposition who cut funds and staff from our law enforcement and border protection agencies, the Turnbull Government is determined to do everything in its power to ensure that our law enforcement agencies are well resourced to maintain the safety and security of the Australian people.

I pride myself on being an accessible representative and I look forward to the re-election of the Turnbull Government so that we can continue to fight crime and keep Australians safe from terrorism, organised crime and outlaw gangs in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Wood MP
Federal Member for La Trobe

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Election dragging on 'ey? Lets kick this mob out!

The seat I live in is Latrobe. During the John Howard years it was the seat of an American born ex policeman called Bob Charles- after having been Labour for a decade. It then went to his LNP successor, Jason Woods, another ex copper. The Rudd election (and Howard rejection) brought a Labour member for one term and then it went back to Jason Woods. He must hate this clip of his most noted speech in parliament. Orgasms...
That last gasp (fart) of John Howards saw his election launch at our local RSL.  He dropped a wad of cash on the place and it soon had a ridiculous ex service tank outside of it, pointing its gun at the main street.

How silly. Always with the  war!
Yes, how glad we were to see the arse end of Howard and Costello! How little did we know what terrible shitly characters awaited us? Abbott. Kevin Andrews, Greg (c)Hunt Joe Hockey, Matthias the terminator, Christopher Pyne. Actually, the Conservatives so resented being kicked out of office that they just refused to believe it was the case. Tony Abbott had the party on an election footing since some time in 2008. He invented problems such as a flood of refugees and terrible taxes on mining and pollution and solved them. Great big hurrahs!
How glad we were to see the arse end of Tony Abbott, the mad monk! How little did we know as to what shitly characters just stayed in place and stood behind the oily lawyer Malcolm Bligh Turnbull!

Anyway, I keep running into our ALP candidate, Simon Curtis He is a schoolteacher and I met him at an opening of the Selby pool we played at, then at the Upper Ferntree Gully train station early one morning as he stood there, saying hello to people. Probably before he had to go to work himself. He's started to be active on Social media and he's always pictured at these freezing train stations and walking around the hills.

I would never vote LNP and I must say, Jason lost me at "orgasm"

The seat needs a 4% swing to change. The Greens? Always an option. In the Senate, for me.

Only four more weeks to go.

I just don't know which one of those lying LNP freaks I dislike the most? How I would love Pyne to lose his seat! Cory Bernardi as well, as a proud South Australian born dude, those two insult the place so manifestly. And the gruesome Peter Dutton (another ex cop). But there's something about (c)Hunt which really grates on me. He is so unconvincing in his fronting of such shocking policies in his role as Environment Minister. Then today there's this story of his precious tweets to American tv host Ellen Degeneres who dared to point out, like so many actual scientists already have, how quickly the Great Barrier Reef is DYING! He cares about her opinion. Because tourists! Yes, I do hate him the most. Like Abbott, he is relentless - but in a horribly decent way. I am heartened by the thought that he and Fat Joe Hockey will go down in actual HISTORY ( they might care about that) as the worst amongst the worst. (c)Hunt, who did everything he could, as Environment minister, to fuck up the environment and  Fat Joe who killed the Car industry as a matter  of ideological pride, so soon after taking office in his role as treasurer and punisher (volunteer role).

Here they Dutton, Pyne and (c)Hunt are dancing and laughing as they repealed the Carbon tax... Chums for business!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Drifting Donna Reed - May digital release

Hey this single came out a couple of weeks ago. I'm in a sort of lag. A jag. Dragging my chains. Travelling for weeks and then stopping suddenly. I did a Wam and Daz spot at a show and also a really enjoyable two sets with the mistLY at Melbourne's almost defunct but somehow still happening jazz club, Bennetts Lane. You should go there while it's still happening. Playing there was delightful. We had to keep the amps down so low. Meg, who runs the place came and "soundchecked" us, just a mic on the bass drum and four for the vocals, and did it with her iPad while entertaining her young child who was running around the room. Never a cross word from anybody. It was very impressive, and sounded great on the night too.

 This is what we played

all our friends were stars
got myself a beautiful nightmare
death by a thousand sucks
my schtick weighs a ton
Saturday night bath
life’s a dream
anchors aweigh
I’m not afraid to be heavy
flower of the earth
everybody does what they want to
we don’t belong to anybody
everything was legendary with Robert
I’m not the guy I tried to be
we need a champion
I wanna get lost again
mt gambier night
I don’t wanna go bush
A woman skinnies a man up
how can you get out of London?
the birds and goats
I’m a good hater
this is the deadest place I’ve ever died in

Drifting Donna Reed ...

Surely you've had the experience of mentioning some person or event that happened very publicly , only for the person you are talking to to say "I don't know- before my time..."

A quite reasonable response and perhaps a way of containing information in a more empiric fashion. But people can be very selective I find. They never say Da Vinci or Jesus is before their time, or Shakespeare. Though they would have been.....Socrates? Billy the Kid? Napoleon? Joan of Arc. There's a ref to a great 90s movie right there with that last bunch of names. They help the two teens with their high school exam, might have been before your time?

The song is about that sort of feeling. Pop culture references losing their charge. Images and personas and events drifiting through us and around us, disappearing like snow...

yeah - Donna Reed
drifting - Donna Reed
aah don't worry
I'm before your time - don't worry! don't worry!
you don't wanna know you don't have to
I know

I'm not here
you're not either
you weren't there
neither was I
we're never gonna be on the same page

different time zones
we'll never mesh
not unless a bomb goes off or somethin'
maybe a fire
we're never gonna be on the same page
I'm before your time - its cool
I'm before your time - its cool
I'm before your time - its cool
I'm before your time - its cool

you weren't there!
wow! you missed quite a show!
never mind
you don't wanna know I got here late and I'm also old
what have we missed?
drifting Donna Reed
drifting Donna Reed
what could that even mean?

drifitng Donna Reed
drifting Donna Reed
I'm puttin' BIRD in here
the heavy hitters
puttin' 'em to work

he was in the ground before I leapt into this world
my father moaned my mother wept
BIRD blew

I'm before your time
its cool
dont worry
you don't wanna know
you don't have to
I know
I'm before your time
its cool
drifitng Donna Reed
way way way way way back
way before my time
drifitng Donna Reed.

We've been putting out digital songs every month. At itunes and Bandcamp. Just seeing what the digital world is like, not thinking about making physical artefacts.

Working on the June release  right now. It's a killer pop tune. Though you must know my tastes are so mainstream they are RIGHT  OFF.

Oh and our website has a new address


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

LONDON shows for two nights

 London was quite agreeably warm in early May and we enjoyed the Kings Cross area we were staying in like it was our old manor. Clare and I caught a Stewart lee "work in progress" show at a great little place called "the Comedy Museum" which is underneath a church on High Holborn. It is a small museum with artefacts on the walls and in glass display cases from Spike Milligan, Russ Abbott, Little Tich, Freddie Starr, Bill Bailey and Steptoe and Son - to name a few. Stewart did an amazingly fresh show , reading from notes and "trying out bits" to an audience of about 100 people.

We played for two nights at a small pub in Clerkenwell called the Bestey Trotwood. I had asked around on the internet for information from London people about venues that were not real "industry" type places. Pete Astor - once of the Weather Prophets and the Loft-ssuggested this place.

It was a downstairs caven type affair, like playing in a small folk club. On the first night we played as a three piece and I had some trouble seeing due to sharp led lights.

The treatment we got was very European- very UN London. The man who ran the pub fed us really well and providied great geaar. A real social affair- the amps came in from a shop in Deenmark st and were brought by Andy and Patrick from the Rocking Birds. Joshua, the young man from Brisbane who booked us there, was extra nice as well. A terrific night.

Tony Harris, who engineered the Moodists album "Thirstys Calling" at Livingstone studios in 1983, poked his face into mine between sets. Many old friends. people who knew us from the Moodists and from the very first version of the Coral Snakes in London in the late 80s. People who knew the album "I was the hunter and I was the prey".

On the Friday night we were joined by Malcolm Ross and we played a fantastic show. Totally great sound. Again, the room was packed with comrades from over the decades. People travelled from Bath, Salford and all over London to be there. Had a wonderful time.

Bob Osborne left his spot at the county cricket in Northamptonshire to come to this show as well.

We stayed in London for another two days and caught a comedy show by Bridget Christie at the Water Rats inKings Cross. Lenins fave pub as well as the place where Bob Dylan played his first ever UK gig and where we used to go see teh Pogues in 83, before they recorded their first album.  When the idea of them ever beinga  recording act was mocked and laughed at.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amsterdam and Brussels

We - well I - drove into Amsterdam and found our accommodation. Such a cute town. So many bikes and pedestrians. They have all the rights of way. Driving the narrow cobblestone streets is tough but its not as anarchic as Paris. Orderly in it's way. More bicycles than I've ever seen, anywhere. Old, cute bicycles that a comic country pastor would ride in a movie. All locked to posts when not needed with huge chains.

The first show was at a blues bar. Not my natural habitat but we made show. The club owner was anxious to keep the noise at a low level due to a new and vexatious upstairs apartment owner (well - slowly owning all the other apartments) who was offended by the music club he was sleeping above. The club has been there for 30 years.
We kept the volume low and entertained a mixed collection of night life people.
The next day was quite stunning, sun and blue skies over the canals and the boats and bikes.
We played in the afternoon in a barbecue ribs and country music spot. Not our natural habitat but we made show for three sets. Some old friends from Melbourne came along. Also some people from the night before.

We then drove through Holland and Belgium to Brussels. A bit alarming to see army trucks and soldiers stationed outside the EU buildings as we drove through the centre.
We met up with Georgio "The Dove" Valentino and went along to the venue where we ate and did a short 45 minute set to a very appreciative crowd of music lovers at Cafe CHAFF.  All these shows were played on borrowed equipment and I had the best amp of the tour on this date. A Fender Deluxe Reverb.
We stayed late at the club watching the other band who were kind of indie prog. Nice but a few too many loop pedal tricks for me, I'd rather hear mistakes than perfect loops.

The next day Georgio took us on a  great, sweeping walk through Brussels. Great to have someone who knows history and culture showing you a place like that. We had taken the hire car back and eventually headed to the train station to go to London.

We had work visas and presented our passports. We were an hour early. The British love uniforms and bureaucracy and we ended up getting the train with one minute to spare. Touring is like that, Clare Moore opined. Lots of dead time then a  sudden hair pin bend with heaps of drama and then you fall asleep.

We reached St Pancras station at 5pm and walked to our accommodation.

Playing two nights May 5th and 6th at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon rd London.


2014 solo album from Dave Graney. *****"If I've learnt anything in my years of writing about music it's that if you are going to do anything of worth in this tough game, you better have your own thing. Today's generic is easily replaced by tomorrow's. And yet you need to be flexible, to follow wherever the songs demand. In the case of this, only the second credited as a solo album among 30 or so Graney releases, it's a curious yet welcoming lane he walks you down, with acoustic guitars, not much percussion, vibes, smooth sounds. At the end of it you feel like you've awoken from a strange yet pleasant summer's dream. As shot by Luis Bunuel. It ranges from off-kilter reveries (A Woman Skinnies Up a Man, The Old Docklands Wheel) through to the softly seductive (How Can You Get Out of London) and the downright arch (Look Into My Shades, Everything Is Great In The Beginning.) This is music that is neither folk, nor blues, nor country, but it's all Graney, somewhere out to the left field beyond Lee Hazlewood's raised eyebrow. It's astringent on the tongue but sweetens in the telling." Noel Mengel Brisbane Courier Mail

you've been in my mind

June 2012 super high energy pop rock album - blazing electric 12 strings - total 70s rock drive. Greatest yet! available via paypal - $20 pp

rock'n'roll is where I hide/- 2011 "vintage classics/ re recordings" on LIBERATION


SUPERMODIFIED - August 2010 remixed/re-sung/re-strung//remastered/replayed comp via PAYPAL

also available as a digital album

Knock yourself (2009)-first ever dg solo set-filthy electro r&b-available via Paypal- $20

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