dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS

dave graney - Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY-FEARFUL WIGGINGS
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Let's get Tight - 2017 CD with Clare Moore. Moodists - Coral Snakes - mistLY. I don’t know what I am and don’t want to know any more than I already know. I aspire, in my music , to 40s B Movie (voice and presence) and wish I could play guitar like Charlie Christian or Grant Green -but not in this lifetime, I know.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Notes from the Lets Get Tight tour

We released LETS GET TIGHT as a CD and got in the van to do some shows. Simple plan. It's a 14 track album, compiled of songs we've released over the last year or so. Most tracks put  down by myself and Clare Moore, playing all the instruments.

You can find it at our website or at Redeye Records in Sydney, Basement Discs and Rocksteady in Melbourne and StreetLight in Adelaide.

Our first shows were with Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes at Lizottes in Newcastle and at the Basement in Sydney. We'd organized for some friends from luxembourg to come and open at all the shows. Georgio "the dove" Valentino and Patrizia F. 

Clare Moore played drums for them as a trio. 

Georgio is originally from Miami and also spent time in Detroit and then Brussels. Lizottes is a lovely venue, an old converted cinema. Georgio plays to people as a straight up star / player. Nothing rootsy or earthy and accommodating. It helps that they are a glamour pairing. We picked them up in Sydney, where they'd flown into and drove to Newcastle.
The show with the Coral Snakes was as enjoyable as they have all been over the last year or so. Robin Casinader and Rod Hayward are great players and great people. The show rocked. It was EPIC.  
The next day , Saturday, we played at the Basement and this was equally as enjoyable. A classic jazz basement bar in the heart of Sydney.  At these shows we get to play to people who lost sight of us after we stopped the Coral Snakes in late 1997. Its the only way they can see us. Some are surprised when I tell them we've kept playing ever since and have released 15 or so albums. Show business is nutty, I'm down with that. 

Georgio had some 7' vinyl singles to trade to people for cash. Recorded in Melbourne at Mick Harveys studio in 2016 with us and David McClymont on keys and bass.  

Patrizia often asked about Koalas. One day we found one. 

On the Sunday we played at a Bowling Club on Dangar island which is in the middle of the Hawkesbury River, back on the highway between Sydney and Newcastle. We had to catch a water ferry across. Stu Thomas stayed for this gig and got to teh venue with georgio and Patrizia. Clare and I were a little late and missed our ferry. As we waited for another in a little shed by the river, it started to rain. A couple came in to catch the ferry as well and the woman said hello. They seemd to be going across to the show. The man had a North American accent and I asked where he was from in the States, to make with the chat. "Gettin' tired of that question!" He yelled to an audience who were not visible to any of us. Silence ensued and they thankfully left. 
We got to the island  and set up and made show. Georgio plays a loud electric guitar, full of delay and reverb, with lovely arpeggiated flourishes. he covers Mickey Newbury and David Bowie songs and occasionally does a 20 minute groove about Chuck Berry and water sports. 
A woman who I knew as a teen came along to say hello. Later , she sent me a picture of our gang at the beach in 1976. I am appalled how androgynous I look. 

There on no cars on Dangar Island. We stay the night with Steve who booked us. He lives there , the lucky bum. We drink and play records with friends. A few locals drop in and Patrizia is worried things will get too raunchy, then a woman takes her top off and starts to dance on a chair and two guys walk around with plates full of pot brownies. It does suggest an orgy is on the cards. Luckily they all ran out of steam and leave before anything Trumpian or Berlusconian ensued. 

In the morning we breakfast and then catch boats across to the mainland and drive back to Sydney. I would love to return!

On our day off I did a long interview with Barry Divola for an internet radio channel about my earliest exposures to popular music. This is available to stream or podcast. 

On the Tuesday we play at the Bearded Tit, which is a cool neighborhood bar in Redfern. This is suposed to be just Georgio playing. I get up and play some guitar with the trio. Lots of old friends turn up at this show, a wonderful Sydney atmosphere. Clare and I do a few songs as well. Georgio and Patrizia play with us on All Our Friends Were Stars, Night Of the Wolverine, Rock'n'Roll Is Where I hide and a new track called I'm never Off, which Georgio played guitar on for the recording.

From there it's a long drive to Cowra where we play to about 30 locals in a  wine bar in the main drag. We'd driven through places like Bega to get there. It wa s asmall stage so Georgio played sol and also insisted on playing several songs in Italian by a noted singer songwriter from Italy. Question marks hovered in the room over everybodys heads. 
Clare and I played as a duo, guitar and keys. 

The next day, a Friday, we headed to Bowral, back toward Sydney, and played in a larger bowling club. Here we were joined by Patrizia and georgio again and played a rocking show.
Then it was to the Blue Mountains to play at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba. All this regional country was new to our Euro friends so it was a pleasant touring party. This room was full and the place was quite large. We had a  few sound problems, none of our doing but we made show and feasted on fish and wine in our green room. Some old friends were in the room. A cool night. 

On the Sunday we played at Smiths Alternative in Canberra. This was abook shop two or three years ago but has become a straight up venue right in the Civic area in the middle of town. Quite a hub for local musicians and a great sounding room. Robin Casinader came along and played some violin with Georgio and some keys with Clare and I. 
I had started to ask people if they'd come aong wanting to hear anything in particular as we were playing a  set heavy on songs from LETS GET TIGHT. In Katoomba someone had asked for Brass Buttons from teh White Buffaloe (1989) period and somebdy else asked for I Don't Know Anything from Heroic Blues (2001). In Canberra a fellow asked for Runaway from the Moodists and Clare and I just eased into it and played it just right with drums and electric guitar. 

Before we left Canberra we visited the TENT EMBASSY which is outside the Old parliament House. 

We then drove to Candelo  which was quite a drive. The gig came about through an Australian radio contact Georgio had made in Italy. He had suggested us swinging past this area and so here we were. A couple of days off saw us do a live to air at the local ABC and generally just take a breather. We had also been helped to do teh show by a local musician called Melanie Horsnell. We had some dinner at here house. Which is in a field by the town and which she has been building herself. Whilst bringing up two daughters under 5 years old. And continuing to write and perform music..... She opened for the show in the town General Store the next day and I was really struck by her amazing skills as a guitar player and singer. Absolutely effortless. She played a Dan Kelly song - an artist she clearly finds great inspiration from - and generally shone as a peformer and writer. Such a  natural.

We filled the cafe with people on a Wednesday night in a  regional town. The cafe owner asked me "how we went" as we packed up. After we had paid for all of our food and drinks.....

A woman came to the soundcheck with some wild life...

A Joey in a blanket.

On the Thursday, Clare Moore and I drove for nine hours back to Melbourne and dropped our international players off in the hills and then played a Harry Howard and the NDE gig in St Kilda.

On the Sunday - Easter Sunday - we did a show at the Tote in Melbourne. This was very disappointingly under attended show but very rich in musical comradeship. I did a set as half of WAM and DAZ. Then I played guitar and Clare played drums with Georgio and Patrizia . Then Penny Ikinger did a wondefrul solo set and Clare and I also joined her for two songs on drums and bass and then we did a set with the mistLY. Musically, a fantastic night. Otehrwise, one of those nutty, frustrating showbiz nights. Perhaps the wrong venue (though I think its great), perhaps the wrong day, perhaps too much other stuff on. Perhaps....

Showbusiness can get awful Becketty I know, I'm down with that. I must go on.

A few days rest and we drove to Adelaide to play with Georgio and Patrizia and also Harry Howard and the NDE.

We drove over in our van for a few days R&R, did the two sets and then drove back, this time with Harry and Edwina for company.

Tonight, we'll do one last set with our European friends. Its been great travelling about with them. 



Dave Graney and the mistLY - Darwin railway Club. NT. April 29th.

We'll be doing a  lunchtime LETS GET TIGHT CD instore at Basement Discs Friday May 26th.

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes - MEMO MUSIC HALL , St Kilda - JUNE 3rd.


Friday, March 24, 2017

LET'S GET TIGHT available via paypal - mail order - Melbourne CD launch

Other times we've gotten albums together it's been a real drama. Especially since the digital era began, you need to create some drama and a sense of time and place. Otherwise you can mooch around the same files for as long as you like. Back when studio time was precious and expensive things had stress and excitement all around the players and the rooms. You had to bring yourself up it!

This album just fell into place as we wrote, recorded and released each track individually. Not thinking of each part fitting together in any coherent way.

This year we just throught we'd compile the first bunch into a CD release. We like CDs and we like ALBUMS. It holds together really well and it's been a real pleasant surprise. Just going with hunches and VIBES.

 art by Tony Mahony.

We got it printed here in Melbourne at Dex Audio in Kensington. We went in and you could see and feel the different types of packaging and even got taken on a guided tour of all the CD and DVD and cassette (!) and reel to reel (!) duplication machines they still have there. A bit of a museum area here and there with old school Abbey Road era tape machines and also some impressive mastering suites. Quite beautiful.

We thought we'd have the CDs for people at shows and we're also able to send them mail order with purchase through PAYPAL.  $20 plus postage.

If you were wondering I really doubt we'd ever make any vinyl. Like I said, I like CDs. Almost all of the music we made from the Coral Snakes era was in the age of the CD. That's it, we hipe to dodge the neo vinyl age....

Here's a page in regard to the album at our website.

Here's a page with the lyrics for the album.

We remastered the tracks for CD release.

All the songs are sequenced in the order they were released starting in February 2016.

I'm A Good Hater =
Driving acoustic guitar, synth bass, tambourine, wah wah, handclaps and more synth lay down the texture and the tarmac for the singer to stroll out on. He's "a good hater/one of the best, I've heard/ from someone who says they should know..."

This Is The Deadest Place I've Ever Died In =
Inspired in part by a Willie Nelson track for the early 2000s called "I never came in here (and I ain't leavin')" and in other parts by an effect on the rhythm track that had Dave Graney asking Clare Moore to drape and slide a string of pearls over her ride and crash cymbals , "don't hit ‘em, just let them down onto the surface and then lift them off...."

I Been Trendy =
A loose, lithe , loping acoustic groove. Kind of a JJ Cale/ Leon Russell feel about it.
A stretch denim sunset sound with seagulls and waves joining in one of the verses.

Drifting Donna Reed =
A meditation on memory and popular culture. Be Bop giant Charlie Parker had a track called "drifitng on a reed".
"drifting donna reed" - why not? Donna Reed, an unrelated artist, she starred famously in "It's a Wonderful life" and her own 60s tv show. How to bring people together around shared imagery drifitng through their minds?

Are you out of your mind? (get back in!) =
Thinking on surveillance and people offering themselves up on social media platforms. Then some harmonies highlighting another phrase, “are you out of your mind?” – leading to another, a dire warning, “get back in!”

You Need A Kleek, Klook =
Klooks Kleek was a club in West Hampstead, London in the 60s and 70s. A teen Dave Graney had an album by John Mayall recorded "live at klooks kleek”. Sounded like a happening place!  Reaching for a majestic, mythic tone. Twelve string acoustic guitar, bass, piano and synths against a rhythm machine and a heavily reverbed tambourine. Pop music in that Procul / May 68 style and tone.

Rupert's Pet's Grave =
A whimsical song about a make believe world where a powerful man called Rupert has his pet who he sends out in the world to create misery and anguish and general evil. Sure, the PET needs a warm place to shit but what will happen when it dies? Who will clean it's grave?

 Matey, From On High =
A jazzy groover. They're all groovers. This is how, I am sometimes told, I relate to people. Or maybe, how I hope that I do.
Also another of my songs worrying about the faux intimacy of the digital age.

 Let's Kick This Mob Out =
We've taken the sugar off the table" was how then immigration minister Scott Morrison explained , as he was closing any loopholes, any hopes that asylum seekers may have had of entering Australia. He was so proud of himself.

I Ain't Hi Vis =
"I ain't got no tools - just flash clothes".

I Need To Be Hot =
A bass sound straight out of a 70's reggae studio and clean guitar lines straight out of a televised marquee moon meet a swinging ride cymbal beat and a chorus of dive bombing electric guitar pick burns.

Be Sad For Me =
 "I'm outsourcing my tears.... Acoustic guitars, drums, bass, harmonica (by Matt Walker), vocals and vibes. Descending chords and a wide open sound.

How Long Does the Raunch? =
Starts with jazz guitar chords and vocals. Then Drum Machine, Vibes, Marimba and electric guitar.
Over stimulation. Modern life is demanding. Filling a dude with images and feels, emotions dragged and pulled out, demanded.

I'm Never Off =
Five minutes of prog blues pop with Graney and Moore's Doors obsessions coming to the fore.

photo Barry Douglas

We had already planned on doing a few dates in New South Wales with the Coral Snakes and also Georgio "the dove" Valentino, (who plays on I'm Never Off). Now we're going to do a CD release party at teh Tote in melbourne on Easter Sunday night. Doors open at 5pm. Georgio will be playing, also Wam and Daz.


Upcoming shows
Dave Graney'n' the Coral Snakes

Lizottes in Newcastle March 31st.
Sydney April 1st - the Basement

Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Bowral Bowling Club
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra
Wed April 12th Candelo Cafe

Let's Get Tight - CD Launch night party from 5pm at the Tote Easter Sunday April 16th


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes shows in Adelaide and Melbourne. Coming soon to Sydney and Newcastle - and Melbourne again.

These shows started off in 2015 with an invitation to play the album Night Of the Wolverine at Memo Hall in Melbourne. My response was that if it was "the Devil Drives" I would do it like a shot but I wasn't really into doing just one album, as a rule. I'd seen other bands do it and it just looked CONSTIPATED. In the end, we did a set of that 1993 album and then another (hour long) set of songs from before and after it. We played at Memo for two nights and packed it out. Both times. We then played in Sydney, Brisbane , Adelaide and Newcastle through last year. Our idea was to mainly play if we were invited, to Festivals or arts events. We didn't want to go and play in pubs. It has been a fantastic experince for myself and Clare moore to reunite with guitarist Rod Hayward and keyboard player Robin Casinader. Such great players and we spent so much time together in tough situations. And we were better than all the rest!
We generally rehearse once before each show. We know the stuff inside out. Our old bass player Gordy Blair declined to be involved early on but we are lucky to have Stu Thomas from the mistLY playing bass with us. He is a great, positive presence and an amazing musician. This is the line up that has done all the shows. We played in Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria in early March. Here are some photos of the show.In the Grand Hall. It sounded great and people went nuts.
A week later we played on a  floating stage out on the River Torrens beside the festival theatre in Adelaide. Here are some shots of the show.
Adelaide is different for us than anywhere else. South Australians tune into my stuff. I'm their man.  I mean country, blue collar people.
It's been intoxicating to play shows where the band knows every single note and turn of the songs AND SO DOES THE AUDIENCE. Not what I'm used to. 

We are travelling again in April to play at Lizottes in Newcastle March 31st and the Basement in Sydney April 1st. These venues are not pubs but neither are they festival situations.  We won't be doing many shows. I mean we dig it but we're just enjoying each show as it happens and we don't want to do it to death. BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO.

Okay, we are doing one more show in Melbourne, back at the Memo Music Hall. June 3rd.

Then there's this  CD coming out. ALL OF A SUDDEN. We'll be selling it at all of our shows and getting it to certain stores where we can. More news of it later.

Doing a lot of other shows as a duo. Just myself and Clare Moore. This is with our friend from Miami/Brussels. Georgio "the dove" Valentino. (who is also opening at the Lizottes and Basement Coral Snakes shows)  

Here's a sneaky peek at some of Georgio's music. This was recorded here in Melbourne in 2016 at Mick harvey's studio/rehearsal space. Me on 12 string, Clare on drums . (Clare might be on vibes too)
Mick Harvey and David McClymont (ex Orange Juice on keys) and Patricia (who’ll be touring with Georgio)on bass.

While we're on that , when these reunion shows first started happening I hated it when people just referred to "Coral Snakes" , because it was my songs and my band name and .....ummmm what was I? Chopped liver? Now I am a bit more relaxed. people can talk the way they like. Little bit.
I just think of that story where Chet Atkins was playing guitar and somebody said "that guitars got a real nice tone" and he took it off and put it on the stand and said "does it really? What you reckon it sounds like now?"

Workshopping some ideas for our duo. Suddenly we are playing as Dave Graney and the mistLY, Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and Dave Graney and Dave Graney and Clare Moore. Have to feed stuff into all these online music apps and they all explode at so many combinations.

Clare's idea was ....


 I quite like it. (There's an arcane pop culture pun working feebley there...)

 pic originally by Barry Douglas

Upcoming shows
Dave Graney'n' the Coral Snakes

Lizottes in Newcastle March 31st.
Sydney April 1st - the Basement
Melbourne - saturday June 3rd - Memo Music Hall
Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Bowral Bowling Club
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra
Wed April 12th Candelo Cafe

Thursday April 13th Harry Howard and the NDE - Inkerman Hotel St Kilda

Our March digital release is a jazz pop groover. (They've all been groovers) called HOW LONG DOES THE RAUNCH?

Oh, and I have a new memoir coming out in October. WORKSHY... More of that anon.....

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Auckland trip. Recent movies. Miami Steve. Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes Shows.

We have our February single out.

All kinds of digital portals for it available here

We travelled to Auckland for a week which included two shows. The first was at Aotea Square in the centre of the city. Part of a  week long fringe/arts festival.

The shows were organized by a fellow called Matthew Crawley who we'd met in 2004 when he was in his late teens or early twenties managing the Brunettes. Matthew now runs an excellent music and food joint called The Golden Dawn and we did another show there.

We did the gigs as a trio with special guest Lawrence Arabia on bass. Lawrence aka James Milne was playing bass in the Brunettes on that 2004 tour to Australia. He did an amazing job, learning about fifteen songs in a couple of days. They made it so easy for us and we had an absolute ball.
We have seen the last two tours to Melbourne by Lawrence Arabia, always so inspiring. Incredible songwriting, singing and playing. 

We met up with Jonathan Bree who had been the co-singer and writer for the Brunettes. He runs Lil Chief Records. Since they finished in about 2008 he has concentrated on the label, released two amazingly high quality solo albums and worked with Princess Chelsea.

Jonathan's last solo album was the classsically influenced "A Little Night Music". This song, WEIRD HARDCORE, is a modern classic.Listen to that beautiful "plunky" bass sound.

Princess Chelsea released a video for a song several years ago which went totally viral and they have toured eastern Europe, playing large festivals a couple of times. This clip is so charming. AsI write this , it has had 33,527,000 views. You get paid after a few tens of thousands. I love stories of musicians and artists WINNING.

It was great playing and hanging out with these people. We also ran into Delaney Davidson, a musician from Christchurch.

Just for the hell of it, I'll put up a clip by a supreme NZ freak, Connan Mockasin. Apparently he lives in LA now. All these people have great ambition and guts.

Oh, and at the airport on the way back, I bumped fists with Miami Steve Van Zandt who had just played a couple of shows with Bruce Springsteen there. We were both in the airport newsagent, buying mints. 

On the way over I watched the Ron Howard film on the Beatles, "8 Days A Week". I loved it. I'm always bagging the moptops but I'm just bored by their omnipresence. this film really humanized them and put them to such a thrilling time line.

I was a kid when they were all happening, I didn't need to go over and over it again later. I saw their films at the Mt Gambier Odeon theatre. Matinee shows. I heard them pouring out of the radio in the kitchen and watched them doing "Hello Goodbye" on the Ed Sullivan Show. I think I even saw their world wide hook up for "all you need is love" as it actually happened, too.
Loved this film.

Then I watched "HAVANA MOON", the Rolling Stones film of their  recent gig in CUBA.
I always love the Stones and again, I experienced their albums like "Get Yer Ya yas Out" and "Goats Head Soup" and "Its Only Rock'n'Roll " coming out new. They were in that seventies scrum much more than the Beatles who faded into anachronism pretty quickly. When "Some Girls" came out right smack in the moment of punk it was exciting to see how they would react to it. "Miss You" was amazing.

This film was a lot more enjoyable than teh Scorcese one. Just a straight concert flick. Great sound and cameras so cose to the band. Quite thriling to watch them play through all teh dynamic changes in "Midnight Rambler". Looking at each other to make the switch in the beat while Mick is way out on his catwalks. Mick almost ruins it with some cod reggae crowd chants like the Police did. "wee yo yo yo". The others dig in and bear it. He's working a  massive stadium. They do "Paint it Black" with Ronnie on an electric sitar. Ronnie never struck me as being really bright but he carries an amazing haircut.
 Also caught a documentary produced by Maick Jagger called "Mr Dynamite: the rise of James Brown". Must have been to accompany the dramatic film about JB he also produced. This was a great doco. I'll have to see it again. Such an innovator and such a great band.

I also watched the Absolutely Fabulous movie which was hilarious.
We went to the town of Piha which is thirty or so kilometers out of Auckland and walked along the black sands.

Had a great time.

We have shows with Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes coming up.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore NSW dates w/ special guests from Brussels/Miami Georgio "the Dove" Valentino and Patrizia.

Sunday 2nd April(2.30pm - 5.30pm TBC)- Dangar Island Bowling Club NSW
Tuesday 4th April (7pm - 9pm) Georgio only @ The Bearded Tit -
Thursday 6th April - Oxley Wine Bar Cowra
Friday 7th April - Bowral Bowling Club
Saturday 8th April - Gearin Hotel, Katoomba
Sunday 9th April - Smiths Canberra


Friday, February 17, 2017

Swingy George - truths EEKS out at last

Swingy George was a song recorded by the Moodists in London in 1984. We'd been playing it for a while back in Melbourne before we'd left so we might have cooked it up in late 1982.

We were in that Melbourne post punk scene where everybody wrote songs about???? Well, you had to make it up. Drag stuff out of your own environment. But the culture we enjoyed mostly was in the USA or UK.  We hated Oz Rock for the most part.

Anyway, our sound was pretty impenetrable. Bass and drums to the fore and two guitars wailing from the get go.

Here's a clip of us playing it live in London in late '84. It's at about 10 or 11 in the morning and was filmed at the Camden palace.

The Birthday party had  tune called Dead Joe and I guess people thought it was another case of a band stealing their licks.

But I was writing the lyrics and the stories and this came from a  different direction. It was about a character who used to appear on the swings at the playground up the road from where I grew up in Mt Gambier. The Playground was in a block with houses on all sides. It was accessable through a couple of lanes on each side. Not visible fom any road and with a  pretty high iron fence on all sides .

Here is a map. The playground was in the area in the centre marked "6". I grew up in Werona st, which you can see at the top of the picture.

So, if you were a kid of pre school age and wandered up there and there was this bloke in a  black suit sitting and swinging ....... you might be a bit spooked, wouldn't ya?

Years later, in 1982 I wrote the lyrics....

george was real enough
it didn't take much to make him swing
he was a black coat that we all coloured
yeah something from sleep caught in our light
a bad shape caught in our back yard
we wanted to see him swing
he was hangin around this jungle jim
just a black coat drifting
swingy george
he was a black coat that we all coloured
yeah something from sleep caught in our light
a bad shape caught in our back yard
he was still there when he had gone
we wanted to see him swing
he was hangin around this jungle jim
just a black coat drifting
swingy george 

I thought I'd write this because I noticed a discussion on Facebook about this character. It was on a page where people who grew up in Mt Gambier share photos and stories.
They started to talk of this fellow, "George" and I thought it was amazing how he had stuck in so many people's brains for so long. 

The places that are mentioned, in George riding a bike to and from are a mill town called Tarpeena which is 24.5 kilometres from Mt Gambier and Port McDonnell which is 22 kilometres from Mt Gambier and 52 from Tarpeena. he must have been very fit. 

Each line below was a different comment. 

Does anyone remember a guy ? called George who used to ride his bike to the Bay quite regularly.
And as others have said - wore a suit! Even in stinking hot weather.
In hindsight, that was one of the things that made him different
I heard he lived in a town north of the Mount.
He had terrible teeth....

Yeah - I remember George - vaguely!

Swingin george !!!!

Yes - that's what I remember - him on the swing 

he liked the swings at Port Mac

Think he came from Tarpeena

Swinger George's real name was George Coleman and he lived in Tarpena. He would regularly ride his bike from there to the Bay to swing and sing he used to sing "Davey Crockett" over and over. Some people used to be scared of him but we kids knew that he was harmless for some reason.

Swinger George he'd sit on the swings at Pt. Mac. for hours. also there was a guy in the Mount I think his name was something Kingsley

Kingsley Osborne

Yes I remember Georgie Colman who use to ride his bike down to Pt MacDonnel each weekend.he lived in Tarpeena.

Yes. I remember him well. Part of our childhood memories.

He used to call into our shop at Allendale and buy a single cone ice cream. Mum offered him a double for the same price and he said he would pick up the extra ice cream next week.

lots of Comments about George on a post I put up ages ago re the merry go round swing.

Yep Denise I loved the merry go round

Swinging George and Kingsley would be out for a training ride

Remember Swinging George & I think 'Kingsley Killer Knightley !! Was the other fellow !!

Was his real name Kingsley? I never knew that. We always called him Kevin.

May have been Kevin Coral not sure .

Killer. Did he wear a South footy jumper?


Saw him in Adelaide long time ago, eating a raw chicken, about 45 years ago

I remember Killer Knightly also ,a rough diamond who use to frequent the streets.

Can only Remember ' Killer ' had dark bushy hair !

I remember Killer knightly . Pretty harmless from memory. He had a girlfriend and came to the local cabarets where people would egg them on to dance quite frantically but the bar staff used to monitor his drink intake.

Swinging George lived in Tarpeena and would ride his bike to PT Mac Donnell and ride on the swing all day long

And oil everything

Swinging George used to go to the playground off Tallara Ave and we wouldn't stay if he was on the swings ! 

Yes down from rymill place

Yes His Name Was George Coleman And He Lived At Tarpeena With His Parents

Yes George rode his bike from tarpeena, sometimes would spend the day at playground just off of talara ave, he was always dressed in a dark suit, most of the local kids felt a bit threatened by him, he was a harmless guy and enjoyed the swings!

I remember my Dad talking about George. And some of the guys on the district council told me about him too.

I vaguely remember killer knightly winning bike races and a organised wheelbarrow race many years ago!

i remember George who rode from Tarpeena and used to get on the swings, he was harmless and i am sure he only wanted to talk to someone. Killer Knightly i also remember and he was harmless as well.

We called him swinging George and he used to swing in the playground off Tallara Ave near where I lived in Rymill Place and come into our front yard and drink out of the tap. I would love to know his story. That was in the early 60s

Yes I remember George Coleman. He lived with his parents in a house behind ours in Tarpeena. He also used to ride his bike to Kalinga door and get on the train to Adelaide . Don,t know what he did down there but he used to come home the next day on the train. Pretty harmless guy but did have some problems.

I can remember swinging George and killer knightly both harmless

Yea an claimed the bloody slippery dip at Pt Mac we were scared of him when we were little !

But were harmless yes

Yes last i heard he was run over and killed on his way to the Bay to have a swing must have been 38 /40 years ago

About rite

I reckon he came from Tarpeena. We used to call him swinging George as he would have a swing at Port Mac and then ride home.

Swinging George used to visit playground in Tallara ave.(65-75) mt. Gambier

Sounds like he certainly got around.

I think he was run over on Pt mac road in the end

Oh dear, that would've been tragic.

Used to be at the Bay late 50's when we had our Bay house - Swingin' George.

Also used to apear at the Nangwarry school in the 50s

hi Andy - i remember him. dad once picked him up in our van and gave him a lift to the bay.he got out and went straight to the swings.for some reason we used to call him "swinging joe"

We used to call him swingin' George. My memory of him was that he was always smiling and had yellow teeth. Always on the swings. Vaguely remember the bike. Didn't know he had been killed riding tho' . Sad as he was a harmless chap.

Yes - extremely yellow teeth.
Never got close enough to smell his breath lol.

Me nether. He was a bit daunting.

Swinging George we knew him as

Andy ! You sure bought so many memories back to so many people good on you 

Sad to think of George being killed though , ( doing what he loved most I guess )!riding his bike to & fro to the swings !!

This is the key, he lived and died doing what was important to him

Exactly Denis!

Love it.

Yes certainly do.

In other news, we have a new single coming out in  a week or so. It's a pop blues called BE SAD FOR ME. I broke the three minute barrier for this one. 

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